Little History of Flandria

I started bicycle racing New England roads way back in 1976 when shorts were wool, helmets leather and $250 could snag that white Peugeot PX10 that was all you needed to jump in the pack with the best. A half-decent sprint forged modest amateur success, earned me the nickname “Fast Eddy”, and fueled an indelible cycling obsession – launching a lifetime in roles orbiting in and around cycling. Top category amateur racer, founding member of New England’s most prestigious cycling club, product marketing manager for global cycling brands, European bike-biz veteran, creator and owner of one the coolest road-bike shops ever, occasional drinking partner of professional cycling champions. At age 53 I’m now a family man, occasional masters racer and gran-fondo hunter – but not mellowing with age. I’ve collected just enough cycling experiences to be dangerous. Warning for the politically correct: My world view on cycling is old-school, euro-centric, opinionated, and as hard-hitting Boston-Irish as a Dropkick Murphy’s soundtrack.

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