Kuala Lumpur’s Best Italian Tapas and Sports Bar

Food lovers can rejoice when they stay in Kuala Lumpur. The markets are filled with all different kinds of food. There are also many bars in Bukit Bintang that they can go to. Local cuisines vary and contribute to the country’s flavors. There are vibrant street food markets where food is served to hungry patrons all day and all night.

There is diversity to the food available. Flavors from Thailand, China and India have taken hold in Kuala Lumpur giving locals and foreign visitors more to love in the way of local foods. International cuisine is also a big hit with many people in KL. Among the most popular is Italian food.

Bloggers rave about all the pizza and pasta places that there are to enjoy. You will not have a hard time finding a good place to eat Italian food. Just search your phone or go online and you will find an ideal Italian food restaurant. Some restaurants offer a mix of Italian and other cuisines while still others go for a classic Italian menu.

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There are many chefs in KL experienced in providing and cooking authentic Italian meals all around the area. We can help you navigate the choices to find the very best in the city.

The Italian Market

Before visiting a restaurant that disappoints, have a bite to eat at Kuala Lumpur’s Italian Market. There you will find a complete menu of delectable Italian dishes, fabulous chefs and even more fantastic ambiance in which to dine. Foodies in KL patronize this as one of the most popular and high-quality restaurants for several reasons. Here are just some of them:

1. Get Authentic Italian Tapas and Wine. This is the ultimate way to enjoy Italian cuisine. There are a variety of small plate dishes to delight your taste buds together with the largest selection of Italian wines. You will leave completely satisfied.

2. Original Italian Wines from the best vineyards in Italy. You can choose the type of wine you pair with your order. Diners enjoy trying different wines with their meat dishes or a cheese plate. There is a wine that will go perfectly with anything. It is also the ideal spot for a romantic date.

3. Second-Floor Sports Bar. In addition to a wonderful wine selection, the Italian Market offers a full bar with cocktails and other drinks available on the second-floor bar. This is the ideal guys-night-out spot as it offers plenty of HD TVs to watch games. This is the place to be in the food streets of busy Changkat in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The Italian Market is not to be missed. There is a reason that this gets high reviews from bloggers and diners everywhere. There is great, authentic Italian food, wines and the best Italian tapas along with an ambiance that works for any occasion. This is a location that is popular with locals as well as tourists so it is worth stopping by.

In fact, if you dine anywhere for Italian food in KL, this is the place to try first and foremost. If you crave Italian food while you are trying all the other cuisines available, be sure to make a special stop to the Italian Market. You will enjoy this cuisine like nowhere else in the city.

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