Choosing The Right Flowers For Your Event

Flowers are the automatic addition to an event if it is a wedding. However, what if it is a different type of event? Flowers can be incorporated into other types of events but those are flowers that need to fit into the theme of the event. It can be awkward to put up flowers typically used for weddings if you would like to hold a product launch. If you look back at the different events you have ever attended, you will likely note that attendees rarely notice the details pertaining to the flowers used in the event. To get an idea of the kind of flowers that should be used for a particular event, Chloriss Petal in PJ, Malaysia offers some tips.

Flowers in Season

If your plan is to be cost effective, always use flowers that are available in Malaysia. It is also important to only choose the flowers in season. It is cheaper and you have the opportunity to expand horizons on how you will decorate your flowers for your event. This is a very important consideration when choosing flowers for your event. For example, if you would like to have peonies as your event’s centerpiece, it is best to hold your event in the spring. The budget for flowers should typically be about 15% of the budget. It is still possible to use out of season flowers but the prices will be quite steep. Find a chart in Malaysia showing a diagram of the flowers in full bloom as well as plentiful during the time of the year when you plan to put up the event.

Color Scheme

Let us assume for a moment that you are organizing a Christmas fundraiser in the company where you work. The flowers that you will probably be thinking about are those with shades of color red, green, silver, gold, ivory, and many others. This is how you will choose the colors of the flowers to be used at the event since it will suit the event’s theme. Try to take into consideration the date and season you will be holding the event and use it as the basis for choosing the appropriate slower color scheme. Others prefer basing it on the theme of the event. Some events will work with any flowers available since the event’s theme can work with any color, such as product launches.

What Role Do The Flowers Play?

The flowers used in any event must have a role to play. They are not just decorations placed on aisles or tables. Are the flowers for a wedding or a corporate party? Always remember that flowers have different roles to play in different events. In weddings, flowers are the highlight since they help keep up the happiness mood of guests. However, in corporate events, less significance is placed on flowers and that is why there is less emphasis on flowers in such events. You need to determine the role that flowers play in your event but if you are unable to do it you need to consider asking your online Petaling Jaya Malaysia florist for a few ideas and you can send flowers in KL.

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