Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo of the day: Mann in Yellow.

On a day when an Italian man in yellow gets popped for EPO... let's divert ourselves from the malaise with a bit of nostalgic, little-pharma cycling wielersupporters.

Great retro poster photo of Herman Van Springel, circa 1968-1970.    Riding for Dr. Mann - Grundig.   Dr. MANN magic pills.  

Long socks were in back then...proving that in fashion what goes around comes around.   And check out the bolt on the top of the stem - those things used to wreck havoc on your inner leg in a crash.  Still have a scar from one.   This photo was just before the Cinelli 1-A was in vogue.  

Herman looks like he's in the 53x15...just motoring along.  

His teammate at the back looks like he's about ready to pop.    I know that look.  

The cap with brim up may not aero, but it's very classic.   It says 'Anthracine'.   Hmmm...from what I can figure, it seems that Anthracine was/is some kind of chemical supplement (the kind that's still in some of those non-FDA approved magic pills that are supposed to help digestion and endurance).     No details I could find about that product Herman was billboarding.    

Maybe Santambrogio and DiLuca have secretly hoarding them to help with their problems.  

God knows those two probably are going to need a laxative by the time the Italian Anti-Doping crew get finished with them.  

Not to mention half the peloton.  


  1. A certain brother of mine was invited to the UCI Centenary ride a few years back - I think they rode from Paris to Geneva, mostly in less-than-ideal weather conditions. At one point, Brother Andy found himself pushing none other than Herman Van Springel up a hill - Andy says he figured his life had come full circle then and he could die happy.

  2. Apropos of nothing, was there a Flandria café rider in the Trois Balons sportive today? I was surprised to see a flandria jersey as I came down the Balon d'Alsace, but couldnt tell if it was a team replica or from this site. Shouted encouragement anyway (I was the idiot with the panniers on)

  3. Who was the Flandria cafe rider on the roads in the Tiverton/Little Compton area on Sunday? This is a great site. Very informative.

  4. Quite likely our super strong Eric 'de Goose', escaping yardwork and making surgical strikes on Strava segments for fun. Say hi to him next time!

  5. Thanks. I will say Hi next time. It is great to see a biking for us older guys.( Another Bike Works customer Peter)